Hardware, software, monitoring and training included.


We deliver a full solution as a service for your Call Center, integrating IP telephony services in a robust and stable platform. Evolux offers auto dialerTTS dialer, distribution and calls recording, outbound and inbound IVR in a minimalistic interface.


Simplifying the IT team work

All interfaces, servers, IP devices and software are included in the price of the seat. (Full Stack Call Center Solution). This way, we guarantee the complete functioning of the operation so you can worry with what is really important: customer experience.

Evolux demands minimal IT involvement, the manager doesn't need to ask the IT team for the main reports regarding the operation, as it takes only a few clicks and a few seconds to obtain the needed information in a variety of managing reports, without the need of any other tools. Simplify the management of performance and productivity of your Call Center. 

Telephone Sales

Evolux Predictive Dialer will enhance the efficiency of your campaigns in over 500%, resulting in a pipeline of sales with more than 200% leads in your contact base.

customer service (ombudsman)

Customer Service Operations and Help Desks can be easily configured so your client will be taken care by the most qualified agent available.

DEbt Collection

Place calls automatically to your debtors customer base and carry out the collection while your agents have all the information at hand in their panel.